A. Common Grammatical Errors


  • Check you paper for some of the most common errors.
  • Pay special attention to the errors you have made in the past.


We all have our writing weaknesses–whether it’s the occasional comma splice, split infinitive, or run-on. At this stage in the game, you’ll want to review your paper for grammar. Here is a quick crash course on the most common grammatical errors and what you can do to fix them.

A note on grammar checkers: There are many websites that can check your paper’s grammar. Just copy and paste your essay into a field and they will check your paper for a number of grammatical errors. However useful these websites are, it’s still important to look over your paper yourself. Consider these sites to be screening tools that help you, not perform all of the work for you. They don’t check for things like the quality of your essay’s content or your use of transitions.

Check your paper for grammatical mistakes on the following sites:



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