Almost everyone fears writing. The process naturally involves numerous revisions and is time-intensive. Writer’s block is a difficult obstacle to overcome, and there’s nothing less motivating than a small blinking cursor in the upper left part of an large blank white screen.

The act of writing is difficult to describe since everyone goes about it differently. Some people like to draft quickly and revise slowly. Others like to make sure that each paragraph is perfect before proceeding to the next. Some like framing their papers meticulously in neat outlines and following them to a T, while others prefer to write and see where their ideas take them. Most writers are between these extremes. But we point them out to make you aware that everyone’s writing style is different and that there is no magic incantation that produces a perfect paper.

But–as you’ll see–essay writing is somewhat formulaic. Good papers generally follow a common framework. This section of the guide, “Write,” includes ‘best practices’ of writing that will give your paper the best chances for success.



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