Improving Visuals of Presentations


You’ve got to put together a slide presentation for a class, huh? Half the battle of acing a classroom presentation is to make sure that the audience actually absorbs information and learns something from it. It sounds simple, but there are common mistakes that can make a presentation hard to understand, or even unpleasant!

Fortunately, this can easily be avoided. We’ll review some simple tips you should keep in mind when putting together a slide presentation.

Common Core Standards:

Grade 9-12 Expectation How this guide addresses this standard
Speaking & Listening Standards #4

“Make strategic use of digital media (e.g., textual, graphical, audio, visual, and interactive elements) in presentations to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence and to add interest.”
This guide provides instruction to incorporate a variety of digital media into presentations in an aesthetically appealing way. A well-designed presentation ensures viewers can absorb information easily.



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