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Welcome to our brand new citation guide! While other citation guides exist, our guide differs in one major respect. We show students where they can find the different pieces of information they need for their bibliography, not simply what they need.

Use the left hand side to navigate. As you’ll see, each source includes a number of examples pointing out where a student can find the different things they need for their bibliography – titles, authors, copyright dates, volume numbers, and more.

The reference guide covers MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citations!

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✔ Plagiarism Prevention
✔ Website Evaluation
✔ Critical Thinking

“EasyBib offers the best digital venue for students to do the traditional thinking and processing involved in research.”

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It’s important for students to support their ideas with their research. EasyBib School Edition provides students with the tools to enhance critical thinking skills and research habits.

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation

Determine website credibility with criteria like authorship, currency, bias, and more.



Students can use EasyBib’s Notebook to create virtual notecards to organize and group their notes together.

Citation Guides

Citation Guide

Our eBook illustrates where different data elements are found and formatted in a citation.

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