Information Literacy Resources

EasyBib has a multitude of resources to promote the teaching and learning of information literacy. In the following sections you’ll find guides, plans, and pages that are designed to help teachers and students alike navigate the tricky terrain of 21st Century Education.

Research Guide

Get started by checking out our comprehensive presentation on the research process. Pick up some tips and tricks. You can even download the files and take them with you.

Writing Guide

Here you’ll find detailed break-downs on every step of the writing process. You’ll learn how to start your brainstorming process, how to go about research and find good sources, what it means to make an outline, how to structure arguments and ideas, and finally how to revise and edit your paper to make it air-tight.

Citation Guide

This contains all the info you’ll ever need to understand and create bibliographies for your papers. We’ve provided visual guides and examples that show how to cite popular sources.

Topics Guides

Here you’ll find pages of research we’ve compiled based upon the most popular topics cited on EasyBib. If you are having trouble starting your research, our Topics Pages are a good place to get started. You can get a general idea of the concepts you’re working with, as well as credible and helpful links to expand your knowledge.

Lesson Plans

We put together some great lesson plans that will help you incorporate emerging technologies and tools into your classroom and curriculum. Ever wanted to know how you could use Diigo with your students, or how to make the research paper an easier process? We’ve got you covered with all that!



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