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12/5/2012 – Site Updates on EasyBib

Great news this Wednesday for our School Edition Admin users: We’ve added a whole bunch of new features you’ve been asking for.

When you are logged in to your EasyBib account, click on the “School Admin” button. If you don’t have access to School Admin features, please contact your sales representative today.


From there, you’ll see all of the student accounts linked with your account.


If you select the “Actions” button next to a specific student account, you’ll see that we’ve added the option to “unlink account”. If you choose this you will no longer see that student’s account in your admin panel. This is helpful for students that have graduated and no longer need to be managed by you.


From here, if you click on “System Settings” near the top of your screen you will see a slew of new options. Here you can enable or disable features on your students’ EasyBib such as: Source Guides, Autocite, Website URL field, Turn It In, and EasyBib Research. Additionally, you can select the default citation style.


Announcing EasyBib’s Chrome Toolbar Extension

Really big news: we’ve added a browser extension for Google Chrome! It’s available for free download in the Chrome Web Store right now. You should go check it out.

It’s really simple to use. Just visit the store and download the extension.

Once it’s installed, you can cite anything on any website you’re browsing. Just click on the red EasyBib book in your toolbar and you’ll see a drop down menu.

If you click “Cite on EasyBib” you’ll get a pop up window that has all of the citation information formatted and filled out for you. From there you can browse to EasyBib or hit the “View Bibliography” button to see all of your citations!


Site Updates 9/18/12

Announcing: School customization! Now School Edition customers can customize links and school images in the sidebar of EasyBib themselves. This is a great way to link your students directly to important library resources specific to your school, like internal pages, live chat, or email. Check it out below.

Just log in to your School Edition account, got to the upper right-hand corner of the page, and click on the blue link that says “school.” Then, on the next page, click on the link that says, “customization.”

A couple other updates were added recently too. You can now view your Google analytics in EasyBib SchoolAnalytics – a great way to see how much use your school is getting out of the product. Also, our importer feature now supports EBSCO database names.

Announcing School Analytics

This feature lets School Edition & Library Edition users to view the following:

  • Cumulative Users
  • Citations created
  • Lists created
  • Notes, Groups, and Outlines created

Just login to your account, click “School” in the upper right hand corner, then select “Statistics.” Check it out!

New Feature: Student Search

Good news to all the School Edition and Library Edition administrator users out there: you can now search for any of your students in EasyBib via their first name, last name, or email address. This will enable you to check out the stats on their bibliographies, check their progress, and give them any help they may need.

Check it out!

Send Us Your Testimonial!

Want to see yourself on like Maia? Send us a video like this one that finishes the phrase “EasyBib is ______”. Tell us why you think your word represents EasyBib and you’ll get a chance to be on EasyBib’s website and Facebook page! Send us your video at

New EasyBib Feature: Progress Checker

Attention all School Edition educator users. Our new feature for administrators allows you to check students’ bibliographies to see how their citations are coming along. It’s a great way to help keep your students on track or to see when they need a little help. Check it out.


Click “School” in the upper right-hand corner of the page…


Choose a user and click “see projects”…


Find the project you wish to view and click “view citations”…


You can then see all of the citations within that bibliography!

To access the progress checker you must have a Admin account for School or Library Edition. If you don’t have one, contact your EasyBib representative.

Check out the new EasyBib App in the Chrome Web Store!

EasyBib is constantly working hard to make the research process run more smoothly. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you EasyBib is now directly accessible through the Google Chrome homepage. We would love to get your feedback on EasyBib, so please help us out by writing a review!

Check it out here!

Update to Website Evaluation

Good news for every educator who needs ways to teach information literacy skills: EasyBib’s Website Evaluation tool just got even better!

We’ve made the explanation of our criteria more robust than ever. Now when students need to understand what questions they should be asking themselves about the credibility of a source they can get concise answers. We’ve also included helpful links in many places that will aid them in asking the right questions. For instance, when a student should be investigating a publisher further, we’ve included a direct link to a Google search for that publisher. That’s smart!

Introducing: Bibliography Analytics

You’ve trusted EasyBib for a long time to help you quickly and easily create your bibliographies. Over the years we’ve been able to look at the trends of our users and now we’ve been able to offer some insights. Bibliography Analytics offers a detailed breakdown and visualization of the merits of your bibliography based on detailed criteria.

The criteria we used centers around:

  • Diversity of source types
  • More source types implies the student has done more thorough research, across multiple mediums
  • Percentage of sources from databases
  • Databases represent credible content, so using databases ensures the research a student has done is more credible
  • The credibility of the sources you used from web sources
  • There are many websites that do not contain good/reliable information. It is important to know that your information is coming from a reliable source
  • The number of sources and its appropriateness in relation to the number of pages in your paper
  • Making sure your ideas are thoroughly evidence based and documented
  • Check out some more images of it in action!

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