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NEW! EasyBib Notebook Redesign

Exciting news everyone! We’ve just released a new look for our Notebook tool. It’s sleeker, cleaner, and we think you all are really going to enjoy it. We’re very proud of it 🙂 You can check out a screen shot below:

Our Notebook tool is a premium feature available through MyBib Pro, School Edition, and Library Edition. Interested in a trial or informational webinar for your school? Click here for more information.

EasyBib Reaches 1/2 a Billion Citations Created!


That’s right, in the past 10 years our 34+ million users have created more than a half billion citations with us! We’re super excited to get so much love from our users, but more so to know that we’re helping and encouraging students to cite their works and prevent plagiarism. Plus, we love saving you time and headaches!

To mark the event The Next Web has written up an article about us and why our users love EasyBib! You can check it out here

Hunger Games Mania

There’s no doubt that The Hunger Games is a wildly popular book, especially with young people. But are students actually reading it for reasons other than entertainment. If you take a look at the graph of site usage on EasyBib, you’ll see selected data for the number of times The Hunger Games has been cited in 2012. It’s very exciting to see that students can read the same book for leisure and for school.

For an added fun bonus to this info, take a look at the big spike on the right of the graph. That’s Tuesday, March 27th, the Tuesday after the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games was released. Citations of the book went up about 33% after the movie came out! That really is some Hunger Games Mania!

When are Students Doing their Work?

Have you ever wondered what time of day students are doing their homework? I bet you’d like to think that your students are doing all their work when they get home from school. Well… turns out they may be procrastinating just a bit… Take a look:


Taken from usage analytics on EasyBib, you can see that most students are creating their bibliographies around 10-11 at night (11AM-1PM is a close second though). Not to worry though, since EasyBib is so quick and simple students will still be getting enough sleep.

Top Sources Cited in Dec. 2011

Ever wonder what our users are citing on EasyBib or what students’ research habits look like? We were curious too, so we decided to throw together a little data for you about the month of December 2011. Below you can see a breakdown of the top sources cited as well as how many sources were cited.

It’s interesting to see what students are learning about at this time of year, no?

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