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Tell Us About Your EasyBib Presentations!

We’ve heard a lot of our subscribers are presenting about EasyBib at educational conferences all over the country. We love to hear when our fans spread the word about EasyBib with their fellow educators! We’d be super excited to see any and all presentations or testimonials from you too :). We would share them on our site with all of our followers and give you credit so that all your fellow educators know what rocks stars you are!

If you’re interested in sharing with us, please send relevant presentations and any testimonial quotes to Don’t forget to include a picture of yourself too so we can put a face to your awesome name!

Our subscriber and enthusiastic user, Kim Weis, spoke at the Virginia Association of School Librarians Conference this year and encouraged everyone there to utilize EasyBib. In her presentation, she presented a screenshot of our home page to show everyone how user friendly our site is. Check it out:

EasyBib Presentation with Objectives by Kim Weis, from Hanover High School

“I explained that the video tutorials were so wonderful that if they had a question, it was probably covered in the tutorials. Sure enough…someone asked a question about students collaborating on projects and sharing notecards. I was not familiar with this aspect of the program and I said, ‘Well, let’s see if it is covered in the video tutorials and there it was! It was wonderful to pull up a 2 minute video that quickly explained this feature.”

Kim went on to talk about how the students at Hanover High School use EasyBib to organize their research projects, evaluate and cite sources, and create notecards. From these digital note cards, students can create and print outlines and their Works Cited page. If you didn’t know this before, now you know! Her presentation at VAASL went so well that she “overheard one of the administrators who was a former English teacher comment that after seeing the EasyBib program in action that it made her want to go back to English class and teach research papers all over again!” Thanks for spreading the word Kim!

12/5/2012 – Site Updates on EasyBib

Great news this Wednesday for our School Edition Admin users: We’ve added a whole bunch of new features you’ve been asking for.

When you are logged in to your EasyBib account, click on the “School Admin” button. If you don’t have access to School Admin features, please contact your sales representative today.


From there, you’ll see all of the student accounts linked with your account.


If you select the “Actions” button next to a specific student account, you’ll see that we’ve added the option to “unlink account”. If you choose this you will no longer see that student’s account in your admin panel. This is helpful for students that have graduated and no longer need to be managed by you.


From here, if you click on “System Settings” near the top of your screen you will see a slew of new options. Here you can enable or disable features on your students’ EasyBib such as: Source Guides, Autocite, Website URL field, Turn It In, and EasyBib Research. Additionally, you can select the default citation style.


Bad Citing Habits Are Bad For Business

One of our founders, Neal Taparia, recently wrote an article talking about how information literacy skills are essential to start ups. He argues that our youth are becoming increasingly dependent on search engines, which are inhibiting critical thinking skills essential to discovering start up ideas. The article is titled Students most often cite Wikipedia in their bibliographies. Why that could kill future startups. Let us know your thoughts, and please share the article!

Announcing EasyBib’s Chrome Toolbar Extension

Really big news: we’ve added a browser extension for Google Chrome! It’s available for free download in the Chrome Web Store right now. You should go check it out.

It’s really simple to use. Just visit the store and download the extension.

Once it’s installed, you can cite anything on any website you’re browsing. Just click on the red EasyBib book in your toolbar and you’ll see a drop down menu.

If you click “Cite on EasyBib” you’ll get a pop up window that has all of the citation information formatted and filled out for you. From there you can browse to EasyBib or hit the “View Bibliography” button to see all of your citations!


NEW! EasyBib Notebook Redesign

Exciting news everyone! We’ve just released a new look for our Notebook tool. It’s sleeker, cleaner, and we think you all are really going to enjoy it. We’re very proud of it 🙂 You can check out a screen shot below:

Our Notebook tool is a premium feature available through MyBib Pro, School Edition, and Library Edition. Interested in a trial or informational webinar for your school? Click here for more information.

EasyBib Marketing Internship

We are Imagine Easy Solutions, LLC – an education technology startup based in NYC. We have been pioneers in the Information Literacy space since 2001. We maintain a vibrant, collaborative and exciting start up atmosphere and depend on great talent to make our team successful. Does this sound like you? Please submit your resume and cover letter to

Our flagship product,, provides research and bibliographic management tools to help education professionals teach and students learn information literacy skills. We are the largest service of our kind online with over 37 million student users worldwide. Our institutional products are also used by hundreds of schools, many of which are top tier universities like NYU, Ohio State and Tulane.

This is an incentive-based, one month program. We are seeking frequent and avid users of EasyBib who are hard-working, well-written individuals. You must be currently enrolled at a College or University for a month-long internship. This individual will have the opportunity to impact their school and represent our global company.

What’s in it for you?

  • Work with a talented, collaborative startup
  • Free EasyBib premium account (mybibpro) for the semester
  • Extra Cash based on performance
  • Develop and increase your marketing skills
  • Great resume-builder
  • Learn to work with people at all levels of a company. Apply Here:


  • Create an organic Facebook petition for your school and EasyBib
  • Get 10% of your school’s enrollment to “Like” the petition. This will be evaluated weekly to evaluate progress and discuss strategies.
  • Create an article for one of your school’s publications. This can be creative – do you already have ideas? The article will be reviewed prior to submission.
  • Spread word of EasyBib resources and benefits
  • Participate in weekly discussions on progress and ideas

The internship term is one month. Compensation will be discussed during the time of the interview. Due to the number of applicants we can not respond to each individual. No phone calls please. If interested, we will contact you directly. Please submit your resume and cover letter to

The EasyBib Team

Lesson Plan Idea for Research with the EasyBib Mobile App


EasyBib has a great mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to cite and save on the go. All you do is scan a book’s barcode and your citation is automatically created. You can do other useful things, like search manually, switch between citation styles, and email your citations to yourself. This lesson plan is designed to introduce the app to students and get them excited about the citation process.


Teach the importance of citations in a fun an engaging way. Learn the importance of citations and acquire the skills to create them.


  • Mobile device
  • EasyBib App
  • Books


  1. Explain the general concept of a bibliography
  2. Have students download the EasyBib mobile app on their iOS or Android devices
  3. Choose 5-20 books the students should cite
  4. Have them work individually or break up in teams
  5. Have them cite three books within 5-10 minutes with the app
  6. Show them they can cite by searching a source
  7. When they report back, explain to them the importance of citations and why we create them. Explain the best practices of citing while finding sources. Explain MLA, APA, and Chicago style by having them switch styles on the app
  8. Use your citation guides to teach them where bibliographic data is found and how citations are structured


Site Updates 9/18/12

Announcing: School customization! Now School Edition customers can customize links and school images in the sidebar of EasyBib themselves. This is a great way to link your students directly to important library resources specific to your school, like internal pages, live chat, or email. Check it out below.

Just log in to your School Edition account, got to the upper right-hand corner of the page, and click on the blue link that says “school.” Then, on the next page, click on the link that says, “customization.”

A couple other updates were added recently too. You can now view your Google analytics in EasyBib SchoolAnalytics – a great way to see how much use your school is getting out of the product. Also, our importer feature now supports EBSCO database names.

Announcing School Analytics

This feature lets School Edition & Library Edition users to view the following:

  • Cumulative Users
  • Citations created
  • Lists created
  • Notes, Groups, and Outlines created

Just login to your account, click “School” in the upper right hand corner, then select “Statistics.” Check it out!

New Feature: Student Search

Good news to all the School Edition and Library Edition administrator users out there: you can now search for any of your students in EasyBib via their first name, last name, or email address. This will enable you to check out the stats on their bibliographies, check their progress, and give them any help they may need.

Check it out!

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