Helping Schools Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Nothing is more rewarding than wrapping up the holidays with a bit of charity – especially for EasyBib!

As you know, Hurricane Sandy devastated communities all over the East Coast and the effects are sure to be felt for years. As a company that’s been supporting students and education for over 10 years, we wanted to step up and give back to schools affected by this tragedy.

On December 11th, EasyBib hosted the event “Rebuilding Our Schools: A Fundraiser for Schools Affected by Hurricane Sandy” and brought New York’s vibrant educational technology community together to help.

EasyBib graphic designer John Yue

Always on our minds were those schools in need. Through the coordination of the American Association of School Administrators, EasyBib was fortunate to be partnered with Long Island’s Long Beach Public Schools and Brooklyn’s PS 279 Herman Schreiber School.

Long Beach Public Schools was one of the hardest-hit districts in New York. Serving approximately 3,800 students grades pre-K to 12, it had to consolidate seven schools into three buildings and deal with mass displacement for all. “Hurricane Sandy had a devastating impact on the Long Beach community, the students, their families and our staff,” shared Long Beach Superintendent David Weiss. “The storm impacted nearly every home in the community through flooding. All the school facilities were damaged.” Despite this, staff and students continue to come to school, uplifting each other in the process.

The Herman Schreiber School is also no stranger to challenges. A horrifying six feet of flooding took out their boilers, transformers, and classrooms. Though back in their building, challenges are part of a daily routine. “We have no sprinkler system so our custodial staff must be on fire watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” the school said in a statement. “We have sink holes and crawl spaces that must be repaired. We have books, furniture and the various supplies that we lost that must be replaced.” As before, the staff and students of PS 279 are looking forward and giving their best every day.

Among those in attendance were notables such as CEO Bharani Rajakumar of LearnBop, CEO Payal Kadakia of Classtivity, and many more. As guests partied, they bid on silent auction items generously donated by New York-based businesses such as TastyBite (one of their founders, Hans Taparia, was also on scene).

We’re happy to report that the fundraiser was a complete success! Each institution received a generous donation and continue with their rebuilding. It is our hope that by sharing this with you all, you too will be inspired to give back to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Some members of the EasyBib team!

Some members of the EasyBib team!

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