Guest Post: Clipix, a research tool for teachers and students

When developing ways for both teachers and students to use Clipix for educational use, the concept of using one platform for saving everything and anything they come across was key. A student, when researching for a paper or project, can all of a sudden have 10 tabs open on one browser, 7 open on another, and lose track of that quote they were planning to cite. Now that we no longer have to imagine the world pre-Clipix, research can be saved to one location. Clipix eliminates that need of constantly logging in to different services for each task.

Teachers can utilize Clipix when developing lesson plans or even assisting students on improving their research skills. Our syncboard feature allows our users to share and collaborate in a group on Clipix. This creates a more organized environment for group projects as well as a central source for students to interact with their teachers or librarians. Users can also save files including Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on Clipix which are easily accessible from any computer. By using Clipix for educational, both students and teachers are able to aggregate all of their research to one location.

Some of our features that teachers/librarians may find useful:

Privacy controls: Since Clipix is a utility and not a social network, it is the user’s choice if to have their clipboards private or public view. Every clipboard on Clipix has a little lock on it, and by clicking the lock, the user chooses the privacy level on their clipboard. Over 70% of clips on Clipix are in private clipboards.

File upload: Since Clipix is a real organizational tool, users are able to upload documents that they have on their desktop as clips. Users can upload photos, Word documents, Excel documents, PDF’s, etc. Files are then stored in the cloud and are always accessible via Clipix just like the user’s other clips, including on any mobile device.

Custom thumbnails: Clipix is not about pretty images. It’s about really helping our users to organize their online lives. In addition to being able to upload documents as mentioned above, users are also able to clip from pages that only have text and no image.

Multiboards: As an organizational tool, users can drag one clipboard into another to create a multiboard that can contain many clipboards. When users have many clipboards this maintains a sense of order and is especially useful when using Clipix for different projects.

Syncboards: Sharing and collaborate on Clipix is an intuitive, simple, cohesive experience. If users need to share information, plan a trip, a party or anything else, they can send each other a clipboard with clips or any other information in it, and when received by the friend, it becomes a syncboard. There is no limit to how many members can share a syncboard, and all members can contribute to it. When a clip is added to a syncboard, all member see it live and can comment on it.

Price Drop Alert: This is a patent-pending, proprietary feature of Clipix. Members can now clip items to their clipboard from most retailers’ websites, and set a price alert at which they have a desire to purchase that item.
Our system automatically “pings” that retail website daily and promptly notifies the member when the desire price is reached via email and clipboard notification.

Copyright: At Clipix we take copyright seriously. We place a watermark on each image that is uploaded to Clipix because we believe that those who create original work and own the rights should not have to worry about someone else using their work without permission.

iPhone and Android Apps: Clipix is dedicated to providing excellent mobile experiences to users of multiple mobile operating systems. We have both iPhone and Android apps, providing our members a way to always be connected and synchronized with their clipboards.

Language Availability: Available in 12 languages, which include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese, Clipix allows for seamless sharing across languages, so users who speak different languages are able to share clipboards & can see them in the same language or in their preferred language.

For more information, please visit:

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  1. B Donaldson
    Posted August 22, 2012 at 10:39 am | Permalink | Reply

    This is an excellent tool for teachers to keep track of the many online resources out there for educators. Thanks for posting this!

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