Introducing: Bibliography Analytics

You’ve trusted EasyBib for a long time to help you quickly and easily create your bibliographies. Over the years we’ve been able to look at the trends of our users and now we’ve been able to offer some insights. Bibliography Analytics offers a detailed breakdown and visualization of the merits of your bibliography based on detailed criteria.

The criteria we used centers around:

  • Diversity of source types
  • More source types implies the student has done more thorough research, across multiple mediums
  • Percentage of sources from databases
  • Databases represent credible content, so using databases ensures the research a student has done is more credible
  • The credibility of the sources you used from web sources
  • There are many websites that do not contain good/reliable information. It is important to know that your information is coming from a reliable source
  • The number of sources and its appropriateness in relation to the number of pages in your paper
  • Making sure your ideas are thoroughly evidence based and documented
  • Check out some more images of it in action!

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