New Educator and Student Content 12/21/11

There are new materials available in the Educator and Student Portals today on EasyBib. On these pages you’ll find tons of great content that will help both students and educators alike in their roles in 21st Century Education. We’re rolling out new content for each section weekly, so make sure you check back often!

What’s new this week:

In the Student Section this week we have some new Topics Guides on popular subjects, so students can get ideas about starting their research. We also are releasing the fourth part of our Writing Guide – Proofread and Revise:

“Your paper’s not quite done yet. It needs to be polished before it’s ready to be turned in. Proofreading and revising your paper are key steps that improve your writing. The best proofreading is done with a pair of fresh eyes. If you can, have someone else edit your paper. Ideally, this other person would be a teacher, adult, or peer who is a good editor. Be sure to ask him/her to check for grammatical correctness as well as quality of content. If you can’t get anyone else to edit your paper, you’ll want to wait a while before you look at it again. You want your own eyes to be as fresh as possible.”

In the Educator Section this week we have the lesson plan ‘Flash Research’ by guest educator author Josh Flores:

“Every school year, students and educators are subjected to the annual research paper/project! It’s arduous to teach, grade and often uninspired. Rather than devoting so much time to developing a single research project, students should be given the opportunity to conduct research multiple times during the school year covering subjects of genuine interest. Students keep their research muscle flexed and eliminate research anxiety by becoming familiar with the process. The majority of the following lesson promotes Student Centered Learning and leaves the teacher in a facilitator role (less lecture = more fun).”

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