New Educator and Student Content This Week

There are new materials available in the Educator and Student Portals today on EasyBib. On these pages you’ll find tons of great content that will help both students and educators alike in their roles in 21st Century Education. We’re rolling out new content for each section weekly, so make sure you check back often!

What’s new this week:

In the Student Section this week we have the third part of our Writing Guide – Outline:

“Once you’ve gathered information on your topic, sifted through the good sources, and taken good notes, it’s time to conquer the next step: outlining. Outlining is a helpful step in the writing process. It will force you to think about how separate ideas in your research fit together so that you can write a cohesive paper.”

In the Educator Section this week we have the lesson plan ‘Cross-Subject Research Papers’:

“This lesson plan aims to teach the skills developed in writing a research paper through every text a student might come across in their academic studies or career. By requiring a research paper in every class subject, the library media specialist develops writing skills in every subject.”

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