EasyBib Deploys Updates and New Features

Woeful Wednesday got you down Bibs?

Don’t fret, your old pal EasyBib has some shiny new features to brighten your day and your academic lives 😉

To kick it off, we’ve now added a count to your bibliography lists so you can easily tell how many citations you have in each. This will be handy for those assignments requiring a certain number of citations. You know, that way you can agonize about how you only need 1. More. Source!

Next up, we’ve included a new APA Capitalization Warning on your list page when switching from other citation styles. It will remind all you Bibs to brush up on the rules before finalizing your bibliographies – ensuring that you don’t incur the wrath of APA Police.

Finally, for all our our International Bibs and those requiring other languages, we’ve included Google’s Translate widget at the bottom of our pages. We know you’ve just been itching to cite in Slovak.

New general updates include: improvements all around and bug fixes to coupon codes and the Notebook.

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