Are You Smarter Than Your Friends?

For the past few weeks, we’ve had a new procrastination favorite: The Master Theorem, a website that posts weekly puzzles, which they call “Theorems.” 

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This “members-only society of solvers” has a back story: Its founder, a cryptic figure referred to only as M, and its website simultaneously encourage people to follow its rules and push boundaries. In the words of the infamous M: “Don’t be afraid to poke around on the website, try outlandish things, break rules, and even— sometimes — be a smartass. Just don’t do that too often.” These puzzles are less like crosswords and more like code-breaking Da Vinci code style things that you have to figure out for yourself. 

There’s glory to be had in the form of the master score list, which is like an old-school high score list. You earn points for solving each weekly puzzle, plus bonus points for solving it fast. A new puzzle came out last night at midnight, so you have a whole week to find as many Seals (like badges for mini-puzzles, some of which are easier and some of which are harder than the weekly Theorems) as you can. The next Theorem comes out Wednesday night at midnight.

Leave a note in the comments to tell us what you think about the puzzle and the whole concept. And, if you’re ballsy, leave your username to see how you rank against other Easybib users. 

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