Like Solving Puzzles? Secret Societies? You’re going to love this!

At EasyBib, we understand that procrastination is just a natural part of the writing/citing process. While getting your procrastination on, checkout a very cool website we’ve discovered called The Master Theorem.

The Master Theorem is a “members-only society of puzzle-solvers,” but all you have to do to join is solve the first puzzle. Which happens to be about great works of literature. Bibliography, anyone?

The society was formed by a cryptic mysterious figure referred to only as M – How cool is that? Here’s what he writes about himself: “I founded The Master Theorem years ago at Columbia University as a secret society of puzzle-solvers. We had a Dead Poets Society sort of thing going on for a while, but I don’t make a great Robin Williams. For starters, I’m decidedly more badass.” He posts weekly puzzles (more like code-breaking and James Bond kind of stuff than Sudoku or a regular crossword) which you can solve to earn points. You can also wander around the site to find “Seals,” which are like mini-puzzles (but look more or less like website badges).

The website just launched, but so far almost 90 people have solved the first puzzle. Will you be one of them? Solve it here.

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