The Solution to Superfluous Search Results

You’re a research pro, maybe not guru-status, but you’re good.  You’ve already exhausted your library resources, thoroughly combed your textbooks, dotted your “i’s” and crossed your “t’s”.   Now you turn to the internet, the holy grail of information.

But what do you do when your trusted search engine returns your query with millions of results?  Google returns 117 million results for “World War II”, 46 million results for “Global Warming” and 38 million results for “the American Revolution.”  Clicking links to see if they contain relevant information is an overwhelmingly time-consuming process.

yolink, a free browser plugin, goes a step beyond normal search engines by searching inside links, and retrieving keyword-rich content so you can quickly identify valuable information. 

Manage the 46 million results for Global Warming by typing keywords like “human activity fossil fuel.”  yolink re-searches each link and brings back paragraphs of information with your new keywords highlighted, saving valuable time by showing you which sites contain relevant content and avoiding the back-and-forth clicking.

With EasyBib’s citation capabilities fully integrated into yolink, finding and citing sources is as simple as it gets.  Check your desired yolink results and click on the ‘share’ button, select EasyBib, and all the information will be imported so all you need to do is click ‘generate citation’.  Additionally, yolink’s integration with Google Docs, Evernote, and other online resources enable you to easily save, share, and create with the information you find and cite.

Proper research skills are an essential component of 21st century learning.  Learning how to identify and utilize information helps us make choices, communicate more effectively and reach conclusions.  Stay tuned for blog posts about the importance of correct citation and explanations of how yolink enhances your search capabilities.

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