I remember applying for college pretty clearly; it wasn’t too long ago. It involved a lot of family car rides, long applications, essays, and tons of research. This morning at the EasyBib HQ, someone sent out a link to a website that is an awesome resource for students experiencing the stress of applying and getting into college.

Unigo.com is no ordinary college site; it tries to give you the inside scoop on college life based on the contributions of current students. You can search for particular universities and read student-written reviews, information about important aspects of student life (i.e. professor accessibility, Greek life, political activity, campus safety, etc.), photos, and videos. You can also get an idea of key university facts and figures, such as tuition costs, student population, and most popular majors. On Unigo, you can also find more general, college-related articles about things like picking a major, studying abroad, or finding an internship.

What I find cool about this site is that so much of its content is based on the input of current students. Reviews may be more realistic than what you hear from an admissions officer. If you’re in college, you should definitely submit your thoughts. If you’re applying, go check it out. It could help!

What are the most important qualities you look for in a school?

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