EasyBib Source Guide


While EasyBib helps students quickly and accurately create their bibliographies, some students still need help distinguishing one source type from another. Do they know the difference between a journal and a magazine, or an article from a general website from one found in a reference database? Now EasyBib has introduced the EasyBib Source Guide, which provides source definitions and examples, and suggests alternatives on related sources. It will help students identify and understand how sources differ, and ultimately help students fully grasp the reference process and create better bibliographies.

To access the source guide, click the blue help link on the tab bar, or the red help link on the form page. You will then see a variety of sources related to your chosen source, along with definitions and examples. Once you click on a source type, EasyBib will ask you the specific medium where you found the source, and direct you to the appropriate form. 

We hope you find it helpful!

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