Updates! Journal Autocite & Tagging

Hey everyone,

Here are a couple updates just in time for the school year!

Journal Autocite: First books, then websites, then newspapers, then magazines… and now, journals! The autocite march continues. You can now cite journals just by entering in the article title or DOI number of the source. It’s that easy!

Tagging: We’ve had a number of requests over the years to add tagging to sources. It is now implemented. To tag a source, just click “tag” next to the source that you’ve cited. That means you can sort sources by primary or secondary (by tagging them as such), or by how they apply to your paper (background, opposing viewpoints, pro/con, etc.). You can even sort by tag, or just export citations with the tag you want.

On the agenda: more things to make your research paper life faster, easier, and more efficient. Stay tuned!

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