New updates: design changes & more!

Hey Bibs,

You may notice a few design changes underfoot. We’ve brought our Autocite features out in the open. Now you’re able to cite the most popular sources right off the homepage! Of course, we still offer the largest number of citeable sources online – just click “All 55 options” at the end of the tab box.

We’ve also increased the color contrast a bit, as many of our users have indicated that some of the layout has been too light and they had trouble seeing the different parts of our site. We hope that’s no longer an issue for anyone 🙂

Additionally, our School Edition subscribers now have the ability to add their school logos and library links right on EasyBib! This can drive further engagement with library resources, as they’ll be front and center while a student is using our service.

Lastly, our international users should now be a lot happier! While we’ve always had Unicode support, we’ve made significant improvements to ensure that different character sets are fully supported.

We know many of you are on the verge of heading home for the summer – have a good break, and when you return you’ll have a lot more features to look forward to!



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