EasyBib Brand New Redesign!

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed that EasyBib is sporting a brand new design! After over a year of collecting user feedback and months of design work, we’ve proud to announce this launch.

In the new design, we’ve added:

  • The ability to Autocite many more sources: Now, cite everything from films to conference proceedings to government publications just by searching!
  • Cleaner forms: We’ve modified our forms so they’re easier to fill out and easier for you to keep track of your information.
  • A faster experience: EasyBib’s pages now load over 40% faster.

.. And of course, tons of changes suggested by our users, including different default publication tabs for different sources (thanks Heidi!), more prominent buttons for MS Word exports, clearer language regarding our contributor fields, and we could go on.

This is just the beginning. Over the next several weeks and months, even more pieces will start coming into place.


The EasyBib Team.

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