Updates: Search by title, third party database uploads!

We launched a fresh round of updates yesterday! Take a look:

Autocite books by title, author, keywords, or ISBN: You no longer need to remember a book’s ISBN number to cite a book – now you can search by its title or any other keyword to find it! We’ve partnered with the OCLC and its library database, WorldCat, and are searching over 60 million books. Take a look at WorldCat, it’s a great way to find where books are in your local libraries.

MLA capitalization: It’s one of the hairier aspects of bibliographical formatting – how do you know what to capitalize and what not to? Now, EasyBib has made that much easier! We automatically lowercase words that should be (prepositions, articles, coordinating conjunctions, etc.), and proper case the rest.

Import third party software and database citations: This has been by far the most requested feature from universities and graduate students. Now, files from any database that exports to EndNote or BibTex (pretty much all of them), or any reference manager that exports to either of those formats (EndNote, Zotero, Refworks), can be imported into EasyBib. This is a premium feature, meaning you’ll need to subscribe to MyBib Pro or School Edition to have access to it.

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