EasyBib on Amazon’s Cloud

We’ve made some changes that we are proud to report. If you were up early this morning you would have noticed that we were down for a few hours of “scheduled maintenance” from 6:30AM to 9AM Eastern.

During that time period, we switched our servers from where they are located (here in NYC) to Amazon’s Web Services cloud. If you’re familiar with that term, you’ll know that there are a significant number of Web startups and services moving in that direction.

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m referring to, Amazon Web Services is a “cloud computing platform” by Amazon (yes, the books company) that allows Web sites to easily adjust their server infrastructure to meet the needs of their Web traffic.

That means as more people use EasyBib, we can add more servers to keep things speedy. We’ve cut down a process that used to take days: ordering a server, getting it shipped, then installing it – to a few minutes: clicking a button to launch a new server.

There are additional benefits like better data backup, cheaper access to storage, and more, which we like too. We’ll discuss that more in a future post.

Anyway, this is our first day in the Amazon cloud. While things certainly will not always be smooth (Amazon has had it’s fair share of downtime), right now we’re pretty thrilled. If you experience any hiccups let us know.

Shoutouts: CouchDB (thanks Jan for all the debugging/erlang-rewriting help), Rightscale (for the countless support back-and-forth emails), Amazon (for existing and continually innovating), and of course, thanks to all of you bibbers out there, the fuel of our fire.

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