New features for the new school year!

Hey bibbers,

Here’s the latest update.

  • APA 6th Edition: Updated to support the latest style guidelines from the APA 6th edition guide. If you’re a MyBib Pro user, you automatically have access. If you’re not a subscriber and need APA for your classes, check out our free trial. Updates include:
    • Addition of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI), which now take the place of online publication information where available.
    • Streamlined Web site and database publication
    • Contributor formatting changes (now we show eight contributors, or an ellipse if more).
    • Other changes across the board to sources and forms.
  • Faster page loading: We’ve updated our code to make the pages load faster. We hope it makes your EasyBib experience even smoother!
  • Minor fixes to Chicago style & footnote formatting.
  • If you’re a school, take a look at our School Edition product – we updated our pricing over the summer to make it even more affordable for schools.

Cheers all!

The EasyBib Team

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