Bibbin’ just got better: MLA7 and public sharing!

Hey bibbers,

Over the last month we’ve gotten a number of requests to support the latest edition of MLA. Well, we’re happy to announce that EasyBib now supports the 7th edition of MLA, free for all users!

To format your list in MLA7, just click the “MLA 7” button at the top of your list.

MLA7 selection bar

By default, your lists will continue to be cited in MLA6 unless you click this button. We’re supporting both formats because there are still some schools making the transition and may be confused by the new style. We’ll switch to MLA7 by default over the summer.

Also, for you Twitter / Facebook fans. You can now share your bibliography with your friends by clicking the share link located at the bottom of your list. We’ll give you a short URL that you can quickly paste into your Twitter or Facebook profile. Your friends & colleagues will be able to see your citations, save them to their own list, or even email & print them out.

MLA7 selection bar

We’ve also included a wide assortment of bugfixes, including our Parenthetical Citation Wizard for MyBib Pro users, and some backend changes that should make the sites run faster and more efficiently. Again, thanks for using EasyBib – your support & continued usage of our service keeps us in business =)

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