Bibbin’ just got better

Hey all,

Another fresh round of updates, including Chicago style!

First, features we’ve launched for everyone:

Email your bibliography: This has been a major feature request for some time now.  After you’ve finished your bibliography, you can now email it to yourself. In the email, you not only get your bibliography, but we also include a link to the RTF file if you want to download it.

Advanced editing: If you want to add custom information to your citation, you can use our advanced edit form. To get there, just click “Edit” on any citation, and then you’ll see the advanced editing link.

Sorting options: We’ve always ordered bibliographical citations in alphabetical order. Now, you can choose to sort your list differently – either by date ascending (oldest first), or date descending (newest first).

MyBib Pro updates (learn more):

Chicago style: We’ve implemented Chicago Notes-Bibliography style (15th edition), also known as Turabian style (7th edition). If you’re a Bib4School or MyBib Pro user, you automatically got the updates. If you regularly use EasyBib but have been waiting for this style, it’s now available for you.

Footnotes wizard: We’ve made creating footnotes on MyBib Pro a lot easier. Now, you can enter in the specific page you are citing, and we dynamically create your footnote for you. Also, you can keep track of your citations by saving them in your footnotes history.

Thanks again for supporting us everyone!


The EasyBib Team

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