EasyBib just got better

Hey Bib users,

We know you’re probably winding your semester down and prepping for the holidays but we wanted to introduce you to some cool stuff we’ve been working on over the last several weeks.

New Web Site Autocite: If you’re familiar with our book ISBN search, you may like our new Autocite tool for online sources. Just enter in your URL, and the page title, site title, and date accessed fields will be filled out. This is just a start – we’ll continue to update the service to make it more efficient for you to cite online sources on EasyBib.

Online database-only source: With the earlier version of EasyBib, you could only cite sources indirectly found in a database, like magazines, newspapers, and journals. Now, if you need to cite something from say, the Opposing Viewpoints database, you can cite it directly through our online database form.

Updated forms interface: We’ve had a lot of questions about how to cite sources in online databases and other indirect publications, and so we’ve updated the forms to make it cleaner and clearer to use. Now, there are tabs for each publication type, and options on whether the source was found directly or indirectly.

Easy copy and paste: Some of our users just create one citation on EasyBib for their projects and have asked to make it easier to see their latest citation and copy and paste it into their paper. Well, now when you create a citation, we show you your latest citation right up top. You can highlight this and copy and paste it immediately.

Delete all: If you use EasyBib in a multi-user setting, this button may help. It clears all the citations of a list that someone prior to you has been working on, so you can start anew.

More prominent export features: We’ve had questions on whether EasyBib can export to Microsoft Word. Yes, we can =) We’ve now added icons to make it easier to find.

Some backend stuff: To make your experience faster and more reliable.

Happy holidays from the EasyBib team!

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