EasyBib partners with TrialPay

If you guys are anything like we were in college, money wasn’t exactly lining our pockets.

Of course we understand, when you do come across some extra coin, the first thought in your mind may not be upgrading your EasyBib account to our premium MyBib Pro service.

We make every effort to keep our paid service at a price point we hope is affordable for everyone. At $7.99, our goal is to provide the best citation service online, at a price that will pay for itself after one use.

Times are tight, and since school comes first, we want to bring you another option to get MyBib Pro.

We’ve partnered with TrialPay who works with trusted companies that like Ebay, Blockbuster, Amazon, and GAP who will pay for your upgrade to MyBib Pro, if you sign up for one of their services.

If you’ve ever considered upgrading to MyBibPro but didn’t want to pay for it directly, here’s your chance to get around that. As always, thanks for using EasyBib, we appreciate the support.

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