More efficient web browsing w/ ChunkIt


I’m sure it seems like every website you visit these days is loaded with
fairly pointless advertising.

At EasyBib, our goal is to bring our users the most complete, and accurate citation service, period. Though advertising is a part of our site, we make efforts to partner with companies offering services that we feel can actually benefit our users.

While working on your bibs, you may have noticed some banner advertising
ads for a tool called ChunkIt!, a recent sponsor of EasyBib.

You know all those links you have to click and manually scan on Google searches, and academic database like LexisNexis, JStor and Science Direct? ChunkIt! automatically does that work for you.

With a single click it will instantly search and extract the relevant “chunks” of information hidden behind the links on any web page, and bring them forward with all your keywords highlighted.

Beyond academic databases, I found that ChunkIt! works well on sites that contain a lot of links ­ I’ve used it on Yahoo, ESPN, and Wikipedia and it really helped me find relevant information.

We know EasyBib users appreciate efficiency, and ChunkIt! will make searching for relevant sources that much easier. It¹s free, and can be download here.


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