Columbus Day site updates

Hi all,

Happy Columbus Day! Hopefully you are resting on this school holiday, but if you have to work, maybe the updates below will help (though we’d guess you’d prefer the day off…):

  • Internet Explorer Parenthetical Citation Wizard fixes: If you’re a MyBib Pro user, you may have found that the wizard did not work for you all the time. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • Exporting your bibliography to Word: We’ve made the option more prominent (click Export to Word when you’re viewing your bibliography) and we’ve also made a separate landing page so you can retrieve your RTF manually if you need to.
  • Speed improvements by way of PHP opcode caching: Last week we hit some pretty severe traffic – among other smaller adjustments, we’ve added a cache to make our servers work more efficiently under higher loads. It’s called APC.
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