Citation tweaks, speed improvements, & more

We deployed some updates to EasyBib today – here’s a brief summary:

Citation source updates: We’ve added the “vinyl recording” type to the musical recording citation form (thanks Emily!), and the Book of Proverbs to the Bible form (why that was missing the first time around we have no idea – thanks Timothy and Daniel for pointing this out).

Interface updates: A lot of people have been asking if they can export their citations to Word. Even though we’ve had that option since we launched, it was slightly buried. We’ve moved the links around a bit so it should be easier to find (thanks Tom, for this and all of your other great suggestions).

Bib4School tutorials: For our new Bib4School subscribers, we’ve added a number of tutorials to the administrator control panel that help walk you through the process for creating teacher and student accounts.

MyBib signup reminders: When you sign up to a MyBib account, we’ll email your login and password information so you don’t forget.

Speed improvements: We’ve optimized our database, and that’s made our pages load a lot faster. We hope you notice the difference.

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