Our first widget: minibib

Our first foray into widgetry: we bring you minibib.

What’s minibib?

minibib is a quick and easy way to let your users start citing sources directly from your Web site. Selecting a source from the widget brings them back to EasyBib.

What’s the use case? Well, every now and then we get an email from a public library or a school library asking if they can add a link to EasyBib from their resources page. We’re always thrilled when we get these emails because we know librarians are our hardest audience to please, and know that if they’re linking to us it means they appreciate our work (to all the librarians out there- thanks 🙂 ).

So we thought, hey, instead of just a little old link, can we spice it up a bit?

From that little question grew the idea of minibib. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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