Introducing ISBN AutoCite

Hi everyone,

As the new design settles in with our users, I wanted to make a few blog posts about some of the new features we have on EasyBib.  The first of these will cover ISBN AutoCite.

Some of the most common sources cited on EasyBib are books. On the old version of EasyBib, book information had to be entered in element by element. Now, given that the bibliographical information in books are already organized by ISBN number, it was only a matter of time until we were able to marry a database full of these numbers with our service.  To cite a book via ISBN number, you first need to go to our book form.

EasyBib Book Form

Once there, you just type in your 10 or 13 digit ISBN number (often found on the inside cover of the book or on the back, near the bar code).

Then, click Autocite, and your information should soon pop up.

EasyBib ISBN form

I’ll admit: we do not have every ISBN in here (many out of print sources are not in our database)- but we’re working hard to collect more data and bring this technology beyond books – to periodicals, web sites, and more.

One last note – MyBib Pro users used to have access to a service called “InstaCite”, which allowed them to search books based on titles and authors. While the ISBN Autocite database is much larger than our old InstaCite database, we do not yet have search by title/author – we will though, very very soon.

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