Introducing Murphy

EasyBib, this is Murphy.

Murphy, meet EasyBib.

Let me introduce you to what is called Murphy’s law in the computer space.

Murphy’s law basically says that if something can go wrong, then it most likely will.

You have also probably heard of so called “bugs” before when your geeky computer friends (People like me! ;)) talk about programming?! Well, bugs and Murphy’s law hang out at bars at night and plot where they could cause confusion, and then they will!

What am I referring to? I am referring to our launch last Friday.

In some respects it all went pretty well, but I am sure some of you noticed that you could not log into your accounts or it gave you another weird error when you tried or some accounts had sources/lists missing when you got in.

The reason for those issues is that we did not just change the design when we relaunched EasyBib (Version 5). What we did over the past six months is actually pretty unique in the web space. We started from scratch.

Most of what we did is not directly available to all the people using EasyBib every day. For example, we did a lot of reorganization of the bibliographical data which allows us to expand our service more easily in the future.

So even though you just see the new design, all of you will benefit from the background changes in the long run. We will be able to shift from 2nd into 3rd gear with the website and accelerate on new features and all the stuff you have been asking for over the years, and all the new ideas you can come up with.

As for last Friday, my good old pal Murphy (we go back over 10 years) made sure it did not go all as smooth as planned. So of course I don’t want to shift all the blame on poor Murphy and the bugs. There’s plenty of space here for us to improve as well and let me assure you that we will!

All the issues have been resolved, I talked to many of you guys through the helpdesk and let me thank you one more time for your patience and all the best wishes you guys sent in. If you still experiencing any of said hiccups, make sure to get in touch us.

As always, thanks for using EasyBib.

Stay tuned for more – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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