You don’t own the business. The business owns you.

EasyBib began in 2001, when Neal and I were still in high school. We kept it through college, through working at other jobs, year after year after year. We’ve always had to split our time on it; there was always something else.

When we decided to do EasyBib full-time, there was a palpable sense that we’d finally shed the constraints of normal life and enjoy being empowered, responsible, and in charge of ourselves (sidenote: prior to EasyBib, I got an introductory taste of what freedom tasted like at My experience there emboldened me to take the plunge here).

Our excitement was all about owning the business and doing what we wanted to do with it, being able to take it in various strategic directions and making a big impact along the way.

What we didn’t realize was that it wasn’t us who were going to own the business – the business would end up owning us.  Our schedules would be defined by our customers’ needs, not our own, and our strategic path would be defined less by our own vision than by the course the business inevitably takes.

It reminds me of that Big Lebowski quote: “sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.”

Or that one joke about aliens visiting Earth, and after witnessing owners scooping up their dogs’ output, getting the wrong impression about who’s in charge. Or maybe the right one. =)

Anyway, we spent the whole day today trying to diagnose and solve an obscure issue we were having on migrating existing MyBib Pro accounts to our new platform. It’s working now, and finally getting it solved is one of those rushes that only real-time jobs can provide.

We’re not proud of the delays or the issues that people have experienced, and we hope they don’t continue to occur. If you’re one of those unlucky folks, please email us and we’ll look into it immediately.

But it just goes to show – at our old jobs, we might have just waited until Monday.  Thanks to Till for pushing into the late weekend night on this one.

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