Something learned at the ALA…

It’s been great to get a chance to talk to people at the ALA who have both used and recommended EasyBib, and those who have never heard of the service.

It’s especially interesting for us, working so closely with the product, to get feedback on how students, teachers, and librarians feel about EasyBib.

Coming into the conference, we really had no expectations as to how we would be perceived. After speaking to a ton of people about the site, it’s been amazing how many of them have pointed out that EasyBib has actually improved the quality of sources used in a research paper.

They put it like this: Let’s say a 10th grade student is writing a research paper where their bibliography is worth 20% of their total grade. One teacher explained that her class tended to stay within the boundaries of citation options they were comfortable citing – a book, and an encyclopedia.

Once EasyBib was introduced as an option, students started brancing out and making use of the 54 citation options available.

She explained that the use of EasyBib actually had benefits on both sides. On the one hand the students liked it because their sources were cited quickly and accurately, the teachers were then pleased because the students were branching out with their research.

Seems like EasyBib can serve as a win/win for both teachers and students… that seems like an excellent proposition.

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