Today’s pictures are online, we had a blast.

During the day, Emry got some energy drinks from a booth near by (not sure how it relates to the American Library Association, but I guess even librarians sometimes get tired and need to get some help to get rollin’) and those things pumped us up, made us me a little nervous – supposedly a 100% natural though.

We talked to a ton of people today, though it was slightly slower than yesterday. And conference days are pretty tough too. I have never been on a stand before and it sure is a lot of work answering questions, talking to people, being available, etc..

Walking around during lunch break, we saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar who was at ALA to present and sign his new book. A pretty impressive dude.

Neal made it to Anaheim today, so tomorrow we’ll all sleep in and let Neal work the booth we’ll be four on the spot and rock the third day of ALA. Woo!

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