EasyBib Haircut

Yesterday at EasyBib we experienced a serious breach in principle. We of course abide by the laws of easiness and simplicity (EasyBib statute, #514). We believe in escalators not stairs, planes not trains, dishwashing not hand washing, and the all mighty ever increasing in speed segway scooter.

Yesterday, in a moment where he realized he looked more monkey than caveman, Darshan finally made the decision he should get a haircut. However, having moved from to the Southern Tip of Manhattan from Midtown, he was unsure of the barber abilities in his area (Darshan needs his curls just right!). Instead of walking a block away, he traveled a round trip of 124 city blocks to ensure his hair was just…well…perfect!

It was not necessarily the most convenient way to get a haircut, but you should see the way Darshan’s hair blows in the wind now! It’s a sight not to forget..

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