Adding disk space and backups

The latest talk in the world of hosting and infrastructure seems to be around cloud computing. Amazon launched a solution a couple years ago that they continue to refine, a solution that allows web sites to scale easily and cost effectively.

While we’re leveraging some aspects of Amazon’s infrastructure today, we still have a physical server footprint. Because of our active userbase, our database has been growing by leaps and bounds, and we’ve realized that we’re going to need a lot more disk space to store our users’ data.

So today, I did something that maybe in a few years will sound archaic (but right now, it’s hyper cheap, hyper fast, and hyper efficient for us to keep our site running as it is). I stopped by the datacenter, plugged in a few new harddrives that we ordered, and created a new disk volume.

Then Till went in and did his systems admin wizardry.

Now we have more space for more data, greater redundancy, and faster speeds. Happy Saturday all!

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